Polari Pop

What better way to clear out the weekend cobwebs – than a sugary slice of cut and paste pop that mashes eighties electrickery with a seventies super-grouper – in combo that’s camper than Christmas.

I always suspected there was some sonic crossover between Pete Shelley’s ‘Homosapien’ and Abba’s ‘Does Your Mother Know’ before it was ‘outed’ like this ..

DJ Copycat – Does Your Homosapien Know

DJ Copycat website
well worth digging around for other winners while you’re there

DJ Copycat Myspace


5 Responses to “Polari Pop”

  1. Love that video! Thanks for posting it. That definitely put me in a good mood this morning.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Very festive isn’t it – don’t forgot to download the tune too, be a great one to crack on if you’re ever having a tear up.

  3. Cocktails Says:

    That is irritatingly catchy.

    And when are white suits coming back in?!

  4. fantabulosa heartface

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Cocktails I can never play it just the once – this is how to white suits Bowie and Bryan Ferry

    Ally it’s a bona bootleg remix isn’t it?

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