An Offbeat Interlude

Can you believe it – the busiest day ever on the blog last Friday with double the daily hit rate and it’s all down to Brenda Lee! Of all the tunes and tracks posted and popped on the blog it’s Brenda’s ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ that got picked up by Hype Machine sending a stackload of extra traffic this way. Typically it’s the Torero Brass Band and this Bardot picture that draws in the drifters and anonobods – so following on from the Brenda’s (is anyone called Brenda anymore?) WAMIMS cover here’s a Bob Andy’s reggae flavoured rework and as bonus Billy Childish’s moonstomping version of the Dads Army theme which you may have seen on some recent TV ads

Bob Andy – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler


9 Responses to “An Offbeat Interlude”

  1. Both of those were cool tunes. That’s so neat that it was a Brenda Lee song that got you so much traffic. I wonder why that it though. Oh well. I sure wouldn’t be complaining though. Congrats. Have a great week.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    It’s very odd Keith – I’m guessing it’s people looking for Christmas tunes but having said that the ol’ Toreros get searched for almost all year round…

  3. Blimey, I must MP3 up that Tessie O’Shea album of mine… the world must be going crazy searchin for that….


  4. The world needs more Childish – it’s not as though there’s a shortage of his material and it should be mandatory for every household to own a BC album or two, so bring back the Buffs.

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Or that lower league version of The Grumblweeds-a-likes you’ve got P

    I should get more Billy Childish IV everything I’ve only get this track, but almost everything else I’ve heard sounds right up my street – Actually I may have a Buff Medway track somewhere….

  6. Good old Billy Childish…. A hero!!! I live in his area – he’s been a living legend since I was about 15 and used to watch the Pop Rivets and then the Milkshakes down the old Tam – now long since demolished sadly….

  7. office pest Says:

    That’s a moggy thou in the pic

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    Further – here you go, the other Billy track I’ve got is on this mighty comp’ – he must be a blistering live act..

    So it is OP, does the mobile sound system come as standard or optional extra

  9. can’t seem to get king billy’s track to work, is the link broken, if so would you PLEASE re-post it, or email me ? never had probs with other stuff on your blog dude, including the other track here. dunno if i prefer brenda’s elvis’s or joe south’s version of walk a mile in my shoes, think it gotta be elv’s
    matt, worksop

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