Funky Friday – We Three Kings

It’s just a touch too early to start dishing out the tinsel tunes (we’ll save that for next week), but as a winter warm-up, how about a visit from three six string Kings that put some fatback on the fretboard and bring us Cold, Funking-sense and much, much more*

Albert King – Cold Sweat

Freddie King – Funky

Freddie King – ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’

B.B King – Long Gone Baby

*Yes I’m aware this is a stretch so tenuous it’s almost transparent, but please – take it with a pinch of panto’


15 Responses to “Funky Friday – We Three Kings”

  1. Oh noooooooo can’t we leave the tinsel tunes off this year? I’m certainly putting a ban on cheesey Christmas music at Axe Towers this year. It’s the same thing year in year out. We gotta have change!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Oh yes Col – got to get some Christmas bits on the go – but it won’t be any of the usual weary ol’ crooner tunes

  3. Hey Dave. I go Christmas at the Dino Lounge next week. This was a really cool post. I love all the tunes. I had an uncle who really listened to a lot of music like this. This reminded me of him. Have a good weekend.

  4. You set me off with this but all I could come up with was the idea for a post featuring (Andrew) Gold, Frankie (and the Four) Seasons and (Johnny) Marr, which is as strained a ‘joke’ as the musical combo might be I think.

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    I’ll be over for those tunes first thing Monday Keith..

    Frankie Seasons is genius
    You could a Friday night disco version Davey..

    Liquid Gold (Anyway You Do It)

    Dr. Funkenstein (Parliment)

    More, More, More (Andrea’s True Connection)

  6. I quit!

  7. Narada Micahel Walden though eh? X

  8. Er, sorry …Crown Heights Affair!

    FECK! More DRINK!

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Yeah that’s the one and for the last two it’s James Taylor Quartet and Kitty Grant (which was written by Ian Dury /Chaz Jankel)

  10. Well. This took the chill out the air, briefly. Especially Freddie King.

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    There’s a couple more Freddie cuts here IB – and how about that Albert’s – pipe and flying V combo – fantastic

    You know he was a huge influence on Stevie Ray Vaughn (pipe and a strat)

  12. Awesome line-up PM!
    Thoroughly enjoyed listening…

  13. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Lil, can’t beat a bit of geetar a-go-go

  14. Blimey, PM! I’ve just got around to seeing that pic of you in the last post!
    I’m gobsmacked – you would’ve made someone a nice wife back then.
    Only kidding, like.
    That is an odd looking Flying V, the headstock is all wrong!

  15. Planet Mondo Says:

    Well it was the eighties you know you have to think The Sweet/Hanoi Rocks etc..

    Think Kingy’s guitar is a custom job as his name is inlayed on the fret, which would explain the headstock
    – I’ll get me anorak

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