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Funky Friday – Lazy Sunday

Posted in acid jazz, Funky Friday, mini mix, mod, reggae on August 22, 2008 by planetmondo

Well I’m off again next week – no plans as such, just a bit of buzzing about, hoofing around and putting the handbrake on so to speak. And, if the evenings heat up, I may even have a stretch out and sip to this ‘Lazy Sunday’ mix – a medley of modish, acid jazzy, lower tempo beats and bobs – hope you do to.

I’ve also reloaded the ‘Summer Sounds’ mix up on the other side if you fancy grabbing that.

See you soon pop pickers.

Lazy Sunday

Mother Earth – Jesse
Patricia Marx & 4Hero – Menino
Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
Little Barrie – Just Wanna Play
Paul Weller – Always There
Corduroy – Ponytail
The New Jersey Kings – Dream Waves
Beastie Boys – Ricky’s Theme
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Sunshine
Lloyd & Devon – Push Push
Pete Jolly – Plummer Park
Aim – Original Stuntmaster
DJ Z-Trip – 3rd Gear
Soundhog – A Day In Tracy’s Life

‘brilliant green’ photo by Chocolate Girl 64


Brazilian Wax

Posted in acid jazz, Brazil, Summer sounds on May 7, 2008 by planetmondo

Really… who wants to be working on a day like today when you could be sitting and sipping in the sun. So, should you feel like popping some bottle tops for a splash of something soothing why not try these tunes as a musical mixer..

And speaking of mixes I’m working on a new comp’ for Matt’s The Right Side Of Funky blog ( you really should check out the new ‘Quel Organ’ Mix on there right now) which I’m trying to keep as tight as pair of snug fit Speedos but just can’t seem to tuck these tunes into the tracklist…

Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77 – ‘Superstition’

Patricia Marx – ‘Menino’

Azymuth – Jazz Carnival

Funky Friday – Aciiiiiiiiid Jazz

Posted in acid jazz, Funky Friday, mod, Soul on March 28, 2008 by planetmondo

Can you believe it’s over 20 years since Acid Jazz first dropped into circulation with its juicy loose grooves and scrapbook look of Carnaby Street chic, Caine flick cool and bohemian beards? Aside from AJ’s Anglomania retro referencing (beating Britpop to similar source material by several years) musically Acid Jazz seems to be a composite of these three elements ..

Early Santana – Latin shuffles with squealy and/or wah guitar

Jaco Pastorious – all Acid Jazz bass cadets had red hot handskills.

Robin’s Nest theme tune – a riff that Jamiroquai’s been riding and rewriting for his entire career.(Out of all the Acid Jazzers – why is HE the only one that’s endured? )

So what acid drops are we taste testing today?

Corduroy – (formerly known as those moonage mods – Boys Wonder more on that here) laying down some skinny trousered split screen funk – there really is some great editing on the ‘E Type’ vid. I’ve spotted ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Hawaii Five O’ – but I’m sure there’s more

Corduroy – Skirt Alert

Corduroy – E Type

Mother Earth
– headed up by Matt Deighton (Santana influence) and their ‘can’t believe it wasn’t a monster hit’ piece of perfect pop- ‘Jesse’. Mother Earth’s album ‘People Tree’ features Weller as a backing vocalist on ‘Mr Freedom’ which acted as the perfect framing device for Weller’s first (acid style) solo album and Modfather revival. Deigton later stood in for Noel Gallagher at the occasional Oasis gig.

Mother Earth – Jesse

The New Jersy Kings – (Robin’s Nest and Jaco influence) The James Taylor Quartet had been riffing on spy high soul for sometime, before bizarrely going into hiding as space age funkateers The New Jersey Kings when Acid Jazz kicked in.
New Jersy Kings – Dreamwaves

If you’re in the mood for more contempory Acid Jazz style sounds check out The Bongolian , who keeps his synthy sizzlers spiked with an acid flavouring..

Re-make/Re-model Pt. 3 Corduroy – Motorhead

Posted in acid jazz, Cover Versions, Funk, Remake Remodel, yarbles on March 26, 2008 by planetmondo

Corduroy should’ve been huge. Their Acid Jazz jamboree bag of athletic jams and frug outs , easy breezy free flowing instrumentals set dressed in sixties cinematics and Cool Britannia cultural references (‘How To Steal The World’, ‘Harry Palmer’, ‘Mini’ ) and confident otherworldy trendiness of retro style, French Crops and neat, nifty trousers pre empted the mid nineties Brit Pop/Easy Listening revival by at least five years in one funky bundle.

Corduroy – ‘Motorhead’

In a previous life as Boys Wonder they’d been pedalling pop art cartoon tunes two years ahead of Carter USM, The Wonder Stuff, Betty Boo and Deee-lite with mighty titles like ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, ‘All Because The Lady Loves’ and must have T shirts like these…

Ian TB has an ‘all you need to know’ feature on Boys Wonder and their single ‘Now What Earthman’ here.

To see Boys Wonder in action vamping their anthem ‘ Shine On Me’ on Saturday Night Live click here..

But, getting back to Corduroy – think of it as a warm up for this weeks Funky Friday