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Autumn Almanac Pt. 1

Posted in acoustic, autumn, ronnie lane, xtc on October 2, 2007 by planetmondo

Autumn’s here and the time is right for dishing up a treat.

Even with its hairy hand sized spiders scuttling in through the windows, crazy legged crane flies floating into your face and snoozy ol’ wasps looking for a last fling sting, autumn remains my favourite season.

And these two pieces of misty morning pop are as autumnal as conker battles, leaf fights, blackberry picking and hearty hot pots.

I’ll be posting part 2 of my Autumn Almanac over at Channel Mondo next week.

Ronnie lane – Harvest Home.mp3

If you held a super strength stethoscope to my head when I’m thinking of all things autumny – Harvest Home is the sound you’d hear. According to friends there at the time (as documented in the marvellous Passing Show DVD ) Harvest Home was recorded live and outdoors at Ronnie Lane’s farm in the Shropshire hills – just ‘Plonk’ and a few mates sitting round a camp fire strummin’ as dawn is breaking and the tweety birds are starting to stir. All of autumns colours are captured in this glorious instrumental.

XTC – Harvest Festival.mp3

Andy partridge IS an underrated genius – the Syd Barret of the ‘old wave of new wave’. And Harvest Festival is his autumn anthem for school hall assemblies. Tinned fruits, packet soups, squeaky chairs, recorders and long lost loves. It’s like Charlie Brown on Friends Reunited. And if the melody doesn’t melt you, the word play will make you fold like a fallen leaf.

You can read Andy P’s notes on Harvest Festival over at the highly recommended Chalkhills and Children website