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B Side Babies Pt 2 – Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (original version)

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1977 may have been the year the world turned dayglo – but 1978 was the year the world went Disco – Rod stewart, the Rolling Stones and Blondie all got caught with a dose of the Disco fever. Bowie, as always had been years ahead of his peers and got the funk out of his system with Young Americans.

Uncharacteristically when Roxy Music released Manifesto in 1979 they seem to have been caught on the back foot rather than the good foot with the let’s go Disco phonomenon and gave the movement a complete swerve on their album of the moment. The version of Angel Eyes on the early pressings Of Manifesto is an almost textbook Roxy rocker that maintains a cool cocktail gloss while giving a nod to the New Wave movement. All Sax, drums and Rock n Roll it’s a world apart from the commercially successful and commonly available Angel Eyes rework which is all high hats and handclaps, and seems to highlight that Disco had almost as much punch as Punk.

Roxy Music – Angel Eyes(original version)

As bonus I’m also including a rare remix of Virginia Plain – the Headman EDT remix made for a rewired and remixed Roxy project which never materialised and has never been commercially released

Roxy Music – Virgina Plain (Headman Remix)

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B side babies Pt. 1 – Kelly watch the stars (Moog Cookbook remix)

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Remake Remodel Pt.1 Lulu – Watch That Man

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There’s a couple of bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to log in the blog for an age but have become wrapped up with other bits and bobs until now – so today at last it’s all go-go for;

Remake Remodel obscure, cool or cranky cover versions.

B Side Babiesthe ones that got away – B sides, alt takes or outtakes that are too good to be forgotten

Fortunately ‘Watch That Man’ falls into both categories.
Lulu’s version of ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ seems to pop up on the sort of budget seventies comp’s sold only at newsagents, garages and Woolworths. Glamtastic as the rewired TMWSTW is, the real golden nugget is on the B side, ‘Watch That Man’ which manages to out strut and stomp Aladdin Sane original.

It is an absolute that Bowie was a musical Midas in the seventies and almost everything he touched was left glossed and glittering. (There’s a moment of revelation in Ian hunters ‘Diary of a Rock and Roll Star’ where he realises he’ll never be in Bowies league). ‘Watch That Man’ is effectively a Bowie retake with Lulu fronting the band, produced by Bowie and Mick Ronson and featuring rest of the band it captures the distilled essence of the pre ‘Young Americans’ sound with a splash of extra sparkle. The cherry on top being Bowies backing vocals – which swish through the mix adding stardust melodies and space age harmonies.

Lulu – Watch That Man

To set the scene and add some context here’s a couple of Youtube treats

This has got to be one of the funkiest ad’ songs ever!I posted this on channel mondo last Friday but it’s so good I’m posting it here too.

Lulu – Happies Shoes