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Baltic Fleet – Clout Rock

Posted in baltic fleet, electronic music, new music on March 17, 2008 by planetmondo

My actual copy of Baltic Fleet’s album ‘Baltic Fleet’

I went to see The Bongolian at Blow Up Metro a few weeks back, first on the bill were Baltic Fleet whose set was as explosive as bare knuckle battling robots – since then I’ve heard them on Steve Lamaq, been checking out their (Myspace site ) and ….have even gone and got a copy of the album.

Imagine the demolition duo of Peter Hook on bass and John Bonham on drums dropping in occasionally to add their robust rhythms to the crystal synthscapes and fat anaglogue wallop of Boards of Canada. Almost impossible to pin down, but where ‘Christiane F’ imagery, Eno’s ‘Begegnungen’ period,the sound of collapsing icebergs and the words Saw-tooth, ringmodulatorand oscillation all overlap on a Venn diagram is the place that Baltic Fleet inhabit with their nu wave for the space age…

Baltic Fleet – 3 Dollar Dress

Baltic Fleet – Castellon Theme

Silvery were second on the bill that night, whose higgldy piggldy Victorania arcade anthems and ‘I was Lord Kitchener’s Valet’ outfits you can see here – the single ‘Horrors’ is out now. It looks like this .

My actual copy of the Silvery single ‘Horrors’

Be sure to check back on Thursday for a ‘ Fu Fu Stew goes Mondo’ mix – Where Vince the Soul Chef from Fu Fu Stew has prepared a 70 minute mix of New Wave nuggets, Electro anthems and early eighties treats. It really is something quite special…