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Funky Friday – Triple Trouble

Posted in beastie boys, Bootleg remixes, Funky Friday, GHP, go home productions, mark vidler, mash up on April 18, 2008 by planetmondo

Shortly after their 1980s chart ram-raid and debut album, the Beastie Boys dropped off my musical radar (me being into long hair, leather jackets and all things R.O.C.K at the time). Until – via the digitally doomed channel UK Play’s heavy rotation but limited library of approx’ twelve music vids (Kylie, Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim etc…), I eventually picked up on the Beasties brilliant promos for ‘Body Movin”(Fatboy remix), ‘Three MC’s and One DJ’ and ‘‘Intergalatic’‘.

The Beastie Boys are one of a handful of bands almost fully formed for their own Hanna-Barbera style musical cartoon series ( see also – The Damned, the Spice Girls and Motorhead) with their fizzingly inventive vids, triple wallop wordplay and stealthy scrapbooking of obscure samples (dropping The Sweet’s “She thinks she’s the passionate one” into ‘Hey Ladies‘ being a double rap whammy). And if that grab bag of goodies wasn’t enough the Beastie Boys sneakily leak acappela tracks into the public domain almost endorsing the idea of mashups and bootleg remixes – you’ll find three of my personal faves below.

Alan Hawkshaw’s ‘Beat Me’til I’m Blue’ bolted on to ‘Alive’..

Alive – (Alan Hawkshaw version)

‘Word To The Mic’ from DJ BC’s The Beastles project

The Beastles – Word To The Mic

And a Blockheads/Beastie Boys Booty from Mark vidler

Go Home Productions – Triple Rhythm Stick

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble

For more unlikely Rap reworks check out…

Eminem Vs Del Boy

Beastie Boys Vs The Ramones

“Meet the gang ‘cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you…”


Blogbuster – Gather Round For New Booties

Posted in beastie boys, blogbuster, Bootleg remixes, The Beatles on October 25, 2007 by planetmondo

I’m a terror for a bootleg remix – especially if it’s based round The Beatles, Beastie Boys or both. There’s something about these home made hybrids, and bits of bastard pop that’s never lost the gloss for me. Finding shiny new booties fresh out of the box is a rare treat. Luckily there’s two full free albums worth over at – Gather Round Children.

‘For the Beasties in the Burroughs, For the Beatles in Britain’
– Booties featuring The Beach Boys, Beck, The Editors, The Supremes

‘Good News For People Who Love to Get Krunk’
– The voices of Outkast over the music of Modest Mouse.

Why not taste test these two booty beauties

You’re a Rich Man, Baby, Thus Favored By Santa

Set Me Free, Chorus of Chicagoans_ Why Don’t You.

And then nip over to Gather Round Children and fill your boots with the full set of goodies.

Also – you really should have a peep at Funky 16 Corners recent post
Doing The Banana Split. (Yes – as in that show)

It’s a spectacular slice of Saturday morning soul – but the brain jolting thing is it’s written by Barry White!!!! (Yes – as in that ‘Walrus of Love’)

Randomizer Pt. 3 The Beastles – Word To The Mic

Posted in beastie boys, Bootleg remixes, Randomizer, The Beatles on September 20, 2007 by planetmondo

Every time an unexpected winner, a long lost favourite or previously unheard nugget shuffles it’s way into play on my mp3 player. I log it in the blog. This time its;

The Beastles – Word To The Mic.mp3

I don’t mind the ol’ booty remixes. I know they’re about as dated as Teddy Boys now, but a couple of years ago bootleg remixers and bedroom techies were as A list as Banksy. Constantly ram raiding radio shows with their remixes, or spraying new mashup masterpieces all over the internet.

This piece of oddbod pop was put together by DJBC, whose Beastles project (Beastie Boys Vs Beatles based booties) ran for two albums, both of which are currently out of circulation.

Luckily I managed to grab them while they were up, along with far too many megabytes of other rare mashup mp3’s.

*Has moment of quite smugness*

I may start logging some of these on the blog under the title
“It’s All Too Bootyful” – ouch! Perhaps not.

Any alt.suggestions would be welcome. A prize of both DJBC albums to the winner

The big boss of bootleg remixers was Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions . GHP did the legendary Madonna Sex Pistols – Ray Of Gob smashup which led to comissions from Bowie and Franz Ferdinad

Tomorrow he releases a free 5 year retrospective of the best, rare and unreleased remixes “This Was Pop (2002-2007)”. It includes some of these benchmark booties

Ray Of Gob
Paperback Believer
Shannon Stone
Work It Out With A Foxy Lady

It’s available via the Go Home Productions website, but may not be on line for long, so grab it while you can