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Funky Friday – Animal Crackers

Posted in bernard purdie, billy preston, Funk, Funky Friday, northern soul, reggae on May 8, 2008 by planetmondo

Is it possible to build an audio ark, a musical menagerie, a funky farm, a zound zoo..

*goes on like this for several hours*

of animals celebrated in soul stompsters and sizzlers?

Well, for starters, here’s a few beauties and beasties racing straight out of the traps…

If you only have the chance to check out one of these tunes Please. Please. Please check out the ‘Funky Chicken’ nugget, not just for the most eye blinding explosion of spectacular clobber ever seen at any single event.

But also the collective display of shaking, strutting and group frugging – it’s like Heronymous Bosch flash mobbing..

Rufus Thomas – The Funky Chicken (from Wattstax)

Billy Preston – The Octopus

Los Gatos Negros – Hey Hey Bunny

Syko and The Caribs – Do The Dog

Bernard Purdie – Funky Donkey

Rufus Thomas – Walking The Dog


Funky Friday – Billy’s Bag

Posted in billy preston, Funk, Funky Friday on November 2, 2007 by planetmondo