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Favourite Shirts – Admiral Ringer

Posted in 70's, charity shop classics, clobber, Favourite Shirts, retromania on May 20, 2008 by planetmondo

How badly do I want of these T Shirts? Enough to spend more hours than I really should scanning and scouring eBay for variations on the “Admiral ringer tee shirt” theme. I’d have to favour the sky blue flavour out of the three though.

And how about a manbag to go with it? – Perfect

So get your ringers on, have a quick freshen up with this – then it’s off here to shake a leg to tunes like…

Close Shave – Keith Mansfield

These pic’s are taken from the ‘Admiral 77/78 Season Catalogue’, when Admiral were the Kings of club kits, and in case you’re wondering…

Yes – I do have the whole catalogue.
Yes – I will be scanning in the highlights


Favourite Shirts – Blackmail Boy

Posted in 80's, clobber, Favourite Shirts, Punk, retromania, Sex Pistols on January 21, 2008 by planetmondo

Inspired by some recent rummage related posings from Davey H (vintage cassettes) and Ally (Postcard Records brochure), here’s my contibution to lovelies from the loft – the BOY mail order catalogue ‘Blackmail’.

When Seditionaries closed in 1980 to be refitted and restyled as swishy, squiggly World’s End, BOY at 153 King’s Road sold off any remaining Seditionaries stock and continued production of a few selected Westwood and McClarens designs along side it’s own BOY and Kitsch 22 togs . These are a few of the items from the 1981 2nd edition catalogue – with titles, prices and (designs by in brackets). Check out the long sleeve muslins for £8.50!! – how much do they go for on ebay now?? I had two and binned them. Whoops!

Nigel Shirt (BOY) – £18.50
Stringy Pullover(BOY) – £15
Long Sleeved Muslin (Seditionaries) – £8.50

Adam and the Ants T shirt (BOY)- £4.50

Striped Jeans and Leopard Jeans (Modzart)- £17.50

Crazy Colour – £3.50
Wraparound shades (BOY) – £3.95

And to continue the theme of New Wave nuggets here’s…..

Sex Pistols – Black Leather.mp3

A post Pistols/pre Professionals period Cook and Jones track recorded but rejected for ‘The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle’.

Adam and The Ants – Ligotage.mp3

An almost XTC’ish ‘Dirk’ era Ants track, only ever recorded as part of a John Peel Session.

X-ray Spex – The Day the World Turned Dayglo (Rough Mix).mp3

Very similar riffing to ‘Black Leather’