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Funky Friday – Cocktail Shakers

Posted in 60's, Cover Versions, cream cheese, Funky Friday, tom jones on November 20, 2008 by planetmondo

As I may have mentioned before I’m a bugger for a cover version, and one area rich with glittering goodies and buried treasure is that period when traditional, torch or show style singers decided to get ‘with it‘ and shake a well-tailored trouser leg or cocktail dress to the way out sounds of the In Crowd.

The finest selections are typically found around the tail-end of the sixties/early seventies, when, for the first time, themes of social awareness, cultural tolerance and polite political pop started to appear in the rock songbook and provided a platform for Vegas style cabaret and cocktail acts to appear hip, happening and doing old school cool with a twist of contemporary conscience …

Mel Torme – ‘Games People Play’

Peggy Lee ‘Everyday People’

Brenda Lee – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck (and Billy Preston)’Games People Play’ – you have to wait one full minute for the tune to kick in, but it’s well worth it


Grotbags A-Go-Go

Posted in 70's, before they were famous, charity shop classics, cream cheese, Funky Friday, northern soul, pop quiz on October 25, 2008 by planetmondo

So, the musical mysteron was …..Carol Lee Scott

Better know as ‘Grotbags’ from the Rod Hull and Emu show.

Carol was something of a cabaret legend before crossing over to TV, working with stars like Max Wall, Arthur Askey, Morecambe & Wise, Ella Fitzgerald and Tommy Cooper – there’s an cabtastic interview with her here – on the Licorice Soul website. I first picked up on this tune via the mighty Licorice Soul Working Mans Soul album, a cracking comp’ of classic cabaret turns.

The final rundown looks like this…

1) Kiki Dee – The Day Will Come Between Sunday And Monday

2) Brotherhood Of Man – Reach Out Your Hand

3) Carol Lee Scott – That Little Bit Of Love

As young Mr Grace used to say “You’ve all done very well” so here is the Tronik shredit of N.F.Porter’s Keep On Keepin’ On

Orig’ version

Who Are You Then?

Posted in cream cheese, easy listening, mond bizzaro, rockadoodledoo, video, YOUTUBE on October 5, 2008 by planetmondo

Who is Sonny King? Sidekick of Jimmy Durante, flatmate of Dean Martin, writer of Rat Pack gags and star of this piece of Mondo Bizarro Video – that’s who.

Sonny King “I Cried For You”

An extraordinary amount of my mate’s dads still had this Sonny ‘sports-casual’ look going well into the seventies.

Funky Friday Pt 2 – Funktacular

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Well here’s a first, a second FF post (while politely pickled too) – I’ve spent years scouring for this clip so I’m grabbing it while it’s up.

No rabbit, jabber or blab from me could do it justice – just tuck in to this explosive performance from Sammy Davis and two friends – it’s impossible to watch just once

For Once In My Life…

Watching The Detectives

Posted in 70's, cream cheese, Funk, Funky Friday, retromania, tv themes on June 20, 2008 by planetmondo

Were you a sucker for seventies police shows ? I was. Although a bit too young to jog along with the plot for most of these shows, each one had it’s own unique ingredient that kept me coming back.

BanacekI liked the ‘rowing’ intro’.
The MagicianBill Bixby’s ‘fancy pants’ white sports car .
Macmillan and Wife – the eye soothing Susan St James *sighs*.
Police WomanPepper Anderson *goes giddy at the memory*.
Kojak – the snappy suits with swishy linings. Lollipops!.

But the the coolest cops on the block were always those wheel screeching, street prowling, thug busting, bonnet bouncing, trendy tog wearing, undercover cruisers Starsky and Hutch…

Tom Scott – ‘Gotcha’ (Theme from Starsky and Hutch )

So, how about going on patrol with Singing Detective Sammy Davis Jr. as he belts out the themes to…

Hawaii Five-O

Sammy Davis Jr. – ‘You Can Count On Me’ (Theme from Hawaii Five-O)

And – Kojak

Sammy Davis Jr. ‘We’ll Make It This Time’ (Theme from Kojak)

There’s a ready reckoner of 70’s detectives right here if you fancy a peep.

Adidas SL76s were worn by Paul Michael Glaser in Starsky and Hutch – luckily I mananged to grab a pair when they ran a limited reissue about 4 years ago.

Funky Friday – Cheesy Wotsits

Posted in charity shop classics, cream cheese, easy listening, Funky Friday, guest blogger, pop quiz on June 6, 2008 by planetmondo

It’s guest blogger time again – and today it’s the turn of Piley from Start The Revolution Without Me who’s
testing the cleverness of your clogs by dishing up three mystery chunks of cheese and asking – can you unmask the artists? ….

Before I start, I’d just like to say a big thank you to Planet Mondo for asking me to be guest blogger this week, a great honour, especially on the now legendary Funky Friday…

Although my main music obsessions have always been on an indy/punky kinda vibe, I’ve always had a soft spot for a bit of the ‘ol easy listening. This is due in no small part to the kind of stuff my parents used to play ‘when I were a lad’.

So back in the early to mid-90s, I was delighted when the ‘cheesy listening’ phenomenon hit the clubs, and it always brought a smile to my face to see the uber-cool Britpop kids grooving on down to the likes of Alan Hawkshaw, Tony Hatch, Bert Kaempfert and The Button Down Brass (featuring of course, the funky trumpet of Ray Davies). Yet when some of these kids wandered off to the DJ booth to find out what they’d just been dancing to, you could see the disappointment in their faces, which is a shame, coz a quality tune is a quality tune right?

So, with the above in mind, I’ve selected three tracks from the Piley vaults — all lovingly brought into the 21st century from my vinyl originals. However, I’m not telling you who these tracks are by… not yet anyway!

For the moment, just enjoy these three cool nuggets – and see if you can guess who the artists are. (Mondo’ll give you the answers in a few days time.

Amazingly pop pickers, this trio of mystery artists has been unmasked in one day (see the comments for the scores on the doors) – so here is the gallery of groovers..

Cheesy Wotsit Number 1

‘I’m Coming Home Baby’Peters and Lee

Cheesy Wotsit Number 2

‘The Party’Henry Mancini

Cheesy Wotsit Number 3

‘Happy Brasilia’ James Last

In the meantime, if these tracks have given you the buzz to hear some classic lounge-i-fied cover versions, why not pop over to my place, where ‘CHEESE’ is very much on the menu this week — and I’ve just served up three very big MP3 slices of the stuff!


Charity Shop Classics Pt. 1 – Impact

Posted in 60's, 70's, charity shop classics, cream cheese, retromania on January 16, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m a bugger for a bargain. Always have been. Piley, Marmite and I were regular rummagers at the charity shops digging for winners and hoping to find some spectacular long lost nugget or buried treasure. None of us bagged any real bargains’ (apart from Piley’s signed cabaret band albums), and typically these ‘digs’ were a sift through the same ol’ smoke stained charity chaff….

Books – ‘Jaws’, the Sixties and Seventies editions of the ‘James Bond’ paperbacks.

Vinyl – variations on the following – The Tijuana Brass, Hammond Dance Party and ‘Geoff Love plays TV Themes’.

But one album had such outstanding saturation that it was often possible to find multiple copies in the racks. ‘Impact’ was the champ of charity shop albums. And what a cracker, recorded at Studio 2 Abbey Road, and loaded with cream of cheesy listening including…

Joe Loss – Wheels.mp3

Manuel and the Music of the Mountains – A Man And A Woman.mp3

Franck Pourcel – Love Is Blue.mp3

I may upload some more of these tunes later, but if your in the mood for more retromania, why not tune in to Channel Mondo for a Public Information Film screening.

For the moment here’s the full track list for ‘Impact’

01 – David Rose – The Stripper
02 – Norrie Paramor – Soul Coaxing
03 – Acker Bilk – Stranger On The Shore
04 – Pepe Jaramillo – Sucu Sucu
05 – Franck Pourcel – Love Is Blue
06 – Ron Goodwin – Legend Of The Glass Mountain
07 – Joe Loss – Wheels
08 – Norman Newell – Live For Life
09 – Basil Henriques – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
10 – Ralph Dollimore – The Fool On The Hill
11 – Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains – A Man And A Woman
12 – Jack Emblow – Ritual Fire Dance

By special request for Axe Victim here is
Ralph Dollimore – The Fool On The Hill.mp3