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Funky Friday – Hear The Drummer Get Wicked

Posted in bernard purdie, Cover Versions, drums, Funky Friday, latin, northern soul, Remake Remodel on July 3, 2008 by planetmondo

Well we’ve given ‘guitar‘ a go-go (although some ol’ spoilsport’s pulled the vid’s since), thumbed around with ‘bass cadets‘ , tinkled with ‘keyboards‘ and covered ‘vocals‘ – so how about those bad boys (or girls – check out Chaka Kahn here) at the back of the band then?

If you’ve ever fancied a go at air percussion or desktop drums – these two tunes are the perfect soundtrack to some fantasy flailing.

I’ve no idea who the anonymous bod banging out back beat in Pucho’s band is, but, like all truly top drawer drummers he balances his heavy handed crash, bang, wallop with perfectly positioned breathing spaces. Check out the light but tight tension and small scale pauses teased into his demolition drum breaks during this flute tooting tear up.

Pucho And His Latin soul Brothers – ‘Got Myself A Good Man’

Tony Newman is a legendary session drummer that’s played with Bolan and Bowie (all three are seen in this clip) Jeff Beck and Donovan (all three can be heard on the Donovan’s funky number posted last week).

‘Let The Good Times Roll’ is a full pelt belter with scattergun drums thunderpunching their way through this Northern Soul thoroughbred that gallops out of the traps like a Grand National winner – it can’t surely be possible to pack any more action into 2:36 – can it?
Tony’s non stop stomper was featured as part of the ‘Cool Britannia’ mix over at the Fu Fu blog(congrat’s on your recent wedding Vince).

Tony Newman – ‘Let The Good Times Roll’

And you just can’t do a drummer post without an appearance from the ‘The King of Sticks’ Mr Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie who demonstrates the delicate difference between Salsa and Afro Cuban styles.


Bernard Purdie – Big Daddy of The Drums

Posted in bernard purdie, drums, Funk on October 8, 2007 by planetmondo

This is Mr Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie (pronounced Ber – Nard, ryhmes with farmyard) the King of the sticks and legendary session drummer with a CV that’s reads like a Burke’s Peerage of Soul and Funk including;

Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Arif Mardin, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Miles Davis, B.B King, Steely Dan and appearances on over 3000 albums.

I’m guitarist – not a drummer, but watching Bernard filling out the fatback makes me want to start clicking some sticks.

This is Bernard breaking it down and ‘splain’ing the Purdie Shuffle.

And how to build up and bang out the backbeat.

The super funky FuFu Snax
has Pretty Purdie – Soul Bossa Nova availablehere

And new kid on the blog Suspect Me, has Pretty Purdie Soul Clapping available here on his rocking new blog