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An Offbeat Interlude

Posted in Cover Versions, Dads Army, Elvis Presley, reggae, Remixes on November 24, 2008 by planetmondo

Can you believe it – the busiest day ever on the blog last Friday with double the daily hit rate and it’s all down to Brenda Lee! Of all the tunes and tracks posted and popped on the blog it’s Brenda’s ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ that got picked up by Hype Machine sending a stackload of extra traffic this way. Typically it’s the Torero Brass Band and this Bardot picture that draws in the drifters and anonobods – so following on from the Brenda’s (is anyone called Brenda anymore?) WAMIMS cover here’s a Bob Andy’s reggae flavoured rework and as bonus Billy Childish’s moonstomping version of the Dads Army theme which you may have seen on some recent TV ads

Bob Andy – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler


Funky Friday – Southern Soul

Posted in Elvis Presley, Funky Friday, northern soul, rock n roll, Soul on January 11, 2008 by planetmondo

Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo, and this week brings you an Elvis special to mark his 72nd birthday earlier this week.

First up a couple of youtube treats.

“Man That’s Dirty”

This outtake from the ’68 Special is the absolute essence of Elvis and crackles with magic. While the offstage boffins were making technical tweaks and possibly ‘checking levels’ between takes, Elvis asks for his guitar, kicks off the riff for ‘Baby What You Want Me To Do’ the orchestra jump in, start jamming and the audience go wild.

PS – Does anyone know what model of guitar Elvis is cranking? – I’m stumped.

“Some a y’all never been down south too much”

Bill Belew who did ‘wardrobe’ for the ’68 Special, also created Elvis’s jumpsuits. This is one of his earlier, less fussy designs and a style later reworked by The Osmonds, Evel Knievel David Bowie and possibly the crew of Moonbase Alpha. Elvis delivers a true blue eyed Soul stomping, Vegas vamp version of ‘Polk Salad Annie’.

A duet of ‘Polk Salad Annie’ performed by Tony Joe White (its composer) with Johnny Cash is here if you fancy a peep.

This hidden sizzler from Elvis has everything you want from a fatback track – funky keyboards, a shout of “Hot Damn” and double tempo drums on the home run.
Elvis – I Got A Feeling In My Body(Take 1).mp3

A live almost Booker T type take of ‘My Babe’.
Elvis – My Babe (Midnight Show).mp3

Written by Gamble and Huff, the masterminds behind the The O Jays, The Three Degrees and The Sound of Phildelphia ‘Only The Strong Survive’ is a Northern Soul nugget with Elvis sounding exactly like The Six Million Dollar Man on the spoken intro.
Elvis – Only The Strong Survive.mp3

It Was 30 Years Ago Today Pt. 1 – Elvis

Posted in anniversary, Elvis, Elvis Presley, lists, music, Presley, rock n roll on August 16, 2007 by planetmondo

Instead of adding to the flood of anniversary facts, theories and opinions about Elvis on the ‘net – I’m going let the music speak for itself, by listing 5 tracks (and the albums they come from) which really capture the essence of Elvis for me

Hound Dog – A Golden Celebration

This the version where Elvis bump-and-grinds himself into TV history. Stunning.
Can you imagine how shocking this must have been back in the black and white 50’s?????

Baby What Do You Want Me To Do? – Memories-The ’68 Comeback Special

While most musicians of the time were becoming strung out stoners. Elvis was back in black leather.

Only The Strong Survive – The Memphis Record

Soul, Gospel, Raw Blues, Bacharach tunes, – Its all here. Elvis goes Northern Soul on this track

I Didn’t Make It On Playing Guitar – Essential Elvis Vol.4: a Hundred Years from Now

Undubbed, and unedited. Elvis and the band tear it up live in the studio, without the usual choir of angels backing vocals or sugary strings.

I’ve Got A Feelin’ In My Body – Essential Elvis Vol 5 Rhythm and Country

Elvis in full funk mode. And there’s country, folk and acoustic – all recorded at Stax studios. He may be a bit wobbly on a couple of tracks. But, Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues, and For Ol’ Times Sake are his best ballads ever.