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Funky Friday – We Three Kings

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It’s just a touch too early to start dishing out the tinsel tunes (we’ll save that for next week), but as a winter warm-up, how about a visit from three six string Kings that put some fatback on the fretboard and bring us Cold, Funking-sense and much, much more*

Albert King – Cold Sweat

Freddie King – Funky

Freddie King – ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’

B.B King – Long Gone Baby

*Yes I’m aware this is a stretch so tenuous it’s almost transparent, but please – take it with a pinch of panto’


Funky Friday – If I Ruled The World….

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This would be the end of office hours anthem. When clocking off time arrives (4 pm Monday – Thursday, 2:30 Fridays) whistles wouldn’t be blown or hooters tooted. No,no, no. ‘Soul Town’* would be piped through PAs as everyone drifts away from their desks and doings, heading for the park to waft through willow trees.
The Motherhood – ‘Soul Town’

All alarm clocks would kick off at the crack of 10am (Mondays to Fridays) with this ripstart stormer.
The Fabulous Wailers – ‘Wailin”

And The Gee-Cees would provide the offical opening fanfare for all Saturday night shindiggs, shakedowns and tear ups.
The Gee-Cees -‘Buzz Saw Twist’

Suggestions for parade music, event anthems and any other occasion motifs are always welcome.

And please, please, please pop over and say hello the Larry Funky 16 the King of Crate Diggers who’s just reached 1 million hits – yes 1 million – and is celebrating with a special mix of funky Beatles covers.

*If I ever get round to doing a podcast (called-‘Spodulike’ ) I may use ‘Soul Town’ as the closedown tune

Prowling Wolf – Marco Pirroni (Part 2)

Posted in glam, guitar, Punk, Questions and Answers, The Wolfmen on March 3, 2008 by planetmondo

Part 1 one of my Marco interview is right here – just in case you’ve missed it.

Is it true that you own Dave Hill’s ‘Super Yob’ guitar? – How many guitars are in your collection, and which guitars or amps would you grab if the house caught fire?

I do have ‘Super Yob’ but I’m thinking of lending it to Rob Dickens new British Rock Museum which opens next year. I have about 50 or 60 guitars, but I don’t keep them at home. If I had to grab one it would my 59′ Les Paul Junior which is my number one live guitar,and my 65 hot rodded Fender Twin which sounds more like a Marshall but with that glam upper mid nasal feedback honk sound. I’m not a big amp collector, I have about 10 mostly small combos all pre seventies. I use these in the studio a lot sometimes combined with plug-ins like Guitar Rig 3.

As someone that was part of Punk scene from the beginning, were there any records or ‘guilty pleasures’ Disco or Pop tracks etc… you enjoyed during the Punk wars but had to keep ‘hush hush’ about at the time?

I never felt I had to keep hush about anything, in fact I worked at trying to think of the worst thing could say to piss off the Punk purists, but I will always insist that ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer is one of the greatest records ever made coz it is! (And as if by magic – the original Moroder 12″ version of ‘I Feel Love’ )

The whole attitude to Punk seems to have become almost reverential now, are there any Punk myths you’d like to qualify or quosh?

Punk like beauty is in the eye of the beholder so Punk is anything you want it to be,which is the best thing about it.I’m tired of arguing about Punk and now I just say “I don’t care” or “I’m bored” which are standard 1976 answers to everything.

The pre Marco ‘Dirk’ era Adam and The Ants songs have an angular almost Indie clang about them (apart from the B sides) , it’s only later when you team up with Adam that the songs start to become chart topping tunes. Do you feel your input into the writing, sound and success of Ant music gets enough recognition?

Oddly I sometimes feel I get too much credit, that I single handedly transformed a cult Punk band into a mega international success…not so,our success was down to Adam and myself fed with where we both were in our lives and the dark days of the late 70s – without Adams drive and vision I wouldn’t be talking to you now.

What bands (new or old) are currently playing on The Wolfmen’s iPods?
this week I’m mostly playing Melody Gardot’s new album and Scum of the Earth as they sound exactly like Rob Zombie of whom I am a huge fan! Guitar Wolf are another fave of mine, as I write this I’m listening to the soundtracks to ‘Thunderball”‘and ‘Bladerunner'(the original Vangelis version).

So many traditional areas of the music industry Top of the Pops, music weeklies, unscripted radio playlists seem to have gone into meltdown over the last few years, how do you approach promoting The Wolfmen and their music in the digital age?

I think that all of us making music now, are still trying to find and create a music biz for the 21st century, clearly the internet is a massive part of this but its by no means the be all and end all, when people talk about the future of music they are really talking about the future of the marketing of music which I leave to more “interested” men. The Wolfmen will be releasing an 11 track album/CD I cannot defend accusations that this may be an outdated format all I can say is, that is what I have always liked, and I would like to continue that until it is no longer viable, the 7″ single is already a loss leader and although that format is what I grew up on I don’t mourn its passing anymore than I miss the rotary dial on telephones, basically… “in modern times the modern way”.

Where would you like The Wolfmen to be this time next year?

Winning Grammies and lighting cigarettes with £50 notes, but it depends on where the world is this time next year! In an ever changing world we have to take things a day at a time and see where it all leads us.

The Wolfmen – Jackie Says (Alan Mulder Mix)

The Wolfmen – Love Is A Dog (Alan Mulder Mix)

The Wolfmen ‘Jackie Says’

The Wolfmen – ‘Needles In The Camels Eye’- studio footage

The Wolfmens Re-make/re-model of Eno’s ‘Needle In The Camels Eye’ is released on the
10th March

Unfortunatley I couldn’t make the Embassy gig last week but a review of it is here on the Car Trouble website

Dates and details of live shows, releases and downloads are available at…
The Wolfmen’s official Myspace site

A special salute goes out to Marco and Ian Peel for their time, trouble and and accessibility in arranging this interview

Funky Friday – Kinda Kinky

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Hey Hey – It’s a guest blogspot for this weeks Funky Friday – and me ol’ mate Bleecher (who also has his own cyberspace scrapbook the marvellous Dedogblog )is pushing the buttons at mission control..

Well hats off to Mr Mondo for letting me (dis)grace the pages of his tip top blog type thing. I’ve dug out a nugget that’s gonna get you reaching for those Paisley shirts and keys to your Union Jack E-type folks!

‘Brainwashed’ starts like a perfect slice of high revving, free loving, rollock along, late sixties pop brilliantly spun by The Kinks. Fair play – all would be good if it carried on like that, and would still keep you doin’ the ‘Mashed Potato’. Austin Powers on Red Bull, Vodka, steroids and even more acid springs to mind.

Errr but no, the divinity that is Mr Ray Davis and Co, had plenty more up their more than adaquately sized flared and ruffled shirt sleeves. Chucked in at the end of the first chorus, like a ‘do something to fill that gap Dave’ thowaway line, is a snarling PUNK riff.

Yeah, you heard me. PUNK

Listen on to the middle eight, and check out just how big and ballsy Dave Davies guitar sound is when he plays another chuckaway riff all on his tod. This track predates the release of the first Stooges album by a few months, and I’m thinking who had more global exposure at that point? I’m not saying The Kinks invented punk, but listen to Dave Davies’s parts in some of the early Kinks recordings and the choppy, loud, angular, garage style that became the hallmark of the punk sound is all there.

It’s testament to the great songwriting talent that is ‘The Kinks’, that they only use the riff just twice in the whole song – and this great track only made it as a B-side!! (to the ‘Victoria’ single). Note to Mr Mondo do I get extra Curly Wurlies for combining your B-side babies and Funky Friday features?
Yes, the chocs in the post (ouch!) – PM

Thanks for reading – may your sun shine and life be full.
(now read my blog or I’ll come round n’ nick your Coco Pops)

The Kinks – Brainwashed.mp3

And as a kinky bonus here’s another Kinks cracker

The Kinks – ‘She’s Got Everything’.

The Kinks – She’s Got Everything.mp3

Rolling Stoner

Posted in 60's, 70's, books, guitar, rock, Rolling Stones on January 14, 2008 by planetmondo

I read the Ron Wood biog’ last week, which is pretty much 350ish pages of drunken stumbles, lucky breaks and bad investments. But it left me thinking what must it be like to be a Rolling Stone? Possibly not too dissimilar to this….

Waiting on a Friend.

*Stoner update – I’ve just found out (via searching Friends Reunited)that I used to go the same Youth Club as Ronnie’s Sister in Law. I knew he’d made a few local appearances attended gigs, been spotted in pubs etc – all makes sense now.*

As an extra here’s a tune I came up with a couple of years ago. Well, it’s not really a tune – it’s a 1 take piece of tat that took 10 minutes to crack out as an experiment in ‘open G’ tuning. Open G is a technique regularly employed by Keith Richards, it’s the heart of the Stones sound and more importantly saves having to faff around remembering endless fancy chord shapes (nice and easy if your feeling a bit ‘relaxed’ of an evening). Tune the guitar to open G and one simple shape fits all frets. Please excuse any clunker notes and blame them on first take nerves.


The End Of The World From The Worlds End

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Funky Friday – Guitar a Go-Go

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Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo

And today FF brings you the ‘Texas Cannonball’, the ‘Big King Of The Strings’
Mr Freddy King – wearing his guitar strap like a shoulder holster and using a crazy but killer technique that’s all fingers and thumbs.

Treat yourself and watch him tear it up on I’m Tore Down – check out those have a go-go backing dancers

I’m Tore Down

San Ho Zay is available for download here

And is on the all ‘banker’ plank splanker album

*winces and pulls James Finlayson face*

Lets Hide Away And Dance