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Funky Friday – Folksie Blokes

Posted in folk, Funky Friday, hippy hippy shakers, john martyn, led zeppelin on June 26, 2008 by planetmondo

From Folk Hobbit……..

The Leigh Folk Festival is taking place, just round the corner from me this weekend. Criminally, considering it’s only a twenty minute hoof – this year will be the first time I’ve actually wandered along. I’m not entirely sure to what to expect, but yelling, yodelling and some polite humored a hootin’ and a howlin’ are sure to feature on the fixtures list – let’s hope some of it’s as groovy as these green fingered funky folkies….

Donovan – ‘Barabajagal(Love Is Hot)’

Donovan was discovered in Westcliff (about two miles, or two train stops ) down the line from the Leigh Folk Festival by Tin Pan Alley legend Peter Eden who until fairly recently ran an excellent second hand record and book shop in Leigh – ‘Barabajagal’ features The Jeff Beck Group doing the backing duties – you can smell the Zep’ in this track.

John Martyn – ‘Dreams By The Sea’

I’ve always felt there’s a touch of ‘The Sweeney’ style stake out texture about JM’s snake hips shake down.

Led Zeppelin – ‘The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair’

Like Bowie, Bolan and Rod Stewart – Robert Plant followed the same hop, skip and jump from Mod to Folk to Hippie before joining the rock aristocracy – you’ve got to love Zep for tempering their testosterock with both funk and folk.

If you do end up taking a trip to the Leigh Folk Festival( perhaps via the Fenchurch flyer) – keep an eye out for someone in a straw pork pie hat (yes, really!) sitting and sipping down by The ‘Billet.

……To Rock God