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Anarchy At The Apollo

Posted in gigs, live bands, Punk, Sex Pistols on September 3, 2008 by planetmondo

What was it like finally seeing the Sex Pistols, after 30 years of unrequited fandom? That gang of raggy rockers that blew me out of my boots , into vinyl heaven and sent me reeling towards Bowie, Eno, The Stooges, The Velvets, Roxy Music and ton of others. A group of uniquely original, influential and inspirational, ground breakers I consider as musically and culturally important as Elvis, The Beatles or Bowie. What was it like to experience them live, loud and in their original line up?
Everything I’d hoped for at twice the volume.
Johnny Rotten is a punk Pied Piper meets Mr Punch, a rock ‘n’ roll ringmaster that’s more Max Miller than Iggy Pop, and on those magical moments when the Pistols locked and loaded together – Bodies, Problems, Liar, Anarchy, Holidays In The Sun, God Save the Queen – were more lethal than a firing squad with itchy trigger fingers, and had me forgiving the occasional bum notes and forgetting the few jeery, beery bulldog boneheads and pinch faced middle aged mohicans, in an almost adolescent adrenaline rush. The Pistols are swank and swagger, pantomime and music hall, ‘Carry On’ films wrapped in rock, stock and roll out the barrell sweaty sing-a-longs and a wall of high volume, hi-deaf, heavy level wallop that atomises rock’s chest beaters, indentikit indie kids and pop pretenders . To quote the band themselves ‘God Save The Sex Pistols’.

Hereeeee’s Johnny!
Punk’s Artful Dodger – not happy with gobbers and bottle lobbers
Cook and Jones return to the scene of the crime (they nicked several mic’s and amp’s from the Hammersith Odeon, during the soundcheck for Bowie’s Ziggy’s Final Gig in ’73)

How loud? Ear bruisingly loud! Had my chest quaking and my troos shaking

Steve Jones turns 21 …. inch neck in about 2 hours.” Hammersith sings ‘Happy Birthday Dear Fatty‘- to Steve Jones (his record for pies eaten in one session is 8).

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Ringmaster

Mind the gap – stand clear of the jaws please.

The group that launched a thousand riffs.

‘Cocktail sticks’ stage right and ‘cocktail drinkers’ stage left. The band as described by Rotten.

All photo’s courtesy of Mr T.Youth


It’s The Wolf – It’s The Wolf

Posted in glam, live bands, new music, Punk, The Wolfmen on June 2, 2008 by planetmondo

The 333 Mother Club is not in anyway your typical run of the mill rock venue. The DJ picks ‘n’ mixes hits and obscurities from Johnny Ray belters to Mark Vidler booties. There’s no stage. The room seems to be scattered with lost property oddities – umbrellas, dress maker’s mannequins, Chestfield chairs and has the buzz of a bordello disco set dressed by The Munsters – all of which make it the perfect prowling ground for The Wolfmen.

After Molloy’s electropoppingindiedisco(more on them soon) and Space Age sitar from Bishi , The Wolfmen were up and at ’em, flooring it from the off and coming at the crowd like greyhounds out of a trap – ripping straight into ‘Needles In The Camel’s Eye’, ‘Jackie Says’ ,’Cecile’ and showing off shiny new tunes like ‘Better Days’ (a ready made summer single if ever there was one) and ‘Whack That Bass’ from the due soon album ‘Modernity Killed Everynight’. Aside from Eno’s ‘Needles’, other covers included a pre Velvet’s Lou Reed track ‘Do The Ostrich’ (as featured in The Word recently) and a Bollywood Burlesque meets Biker Bar remake/remodel of ‘Silver Machine’ when Bishi joined The Wolfmen to add some slinky sitar trims to the Space Rock classic.

Despite a monthly residency I haven’t seen The Wolfmen in action since their debut gig last November, and this experience was more of an all out ‘needles in the red’ rocker than the Wolf Gang’s first show, with a fistful tunes that compounded the stomp of Glam, the power of Punk and the sugary hooks of Hitsville U.S.A into a bundle as tight and tough as Bruce Lee’s ‘one inch punch’.

So, see you there next month – same Wolf-time same Wolf-channel.

The Wolfmen – ‘Do the Ostritch’

The Wolfmen – ‘Cecilie’

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dennishopperchoppers – The Midnight Rider

Posted in live bands, new music, rock n roll on November 27, 2007 by planetmondo

I was on the browse recently at my nearby Rough Trade East nosying for new nuggets – but digging through the racks soon got swift shrift when a seismic swell of rumbling sound spread through the shop from the stage area. Expecting to find a four piece gang going flat out at full volume I was almost dropped on the spot to see a solo performer sat on a delicously vintage Fender amp strumming ghostly notes and crooning moonlight mantras about Fu Manchu and red brides while taking care of business on percussion and bass at the same time. This was dennishopperchoppers playing songs from his album ‘Chop’ – I had discovered my new nugget.

Imagine Sergio Leone remaking El Topo on motorbikes with a soundtrack by Link Wray, Ennio Morricone and Johnny Cash – that is the sound of ‘Chop’. Hypnotic, cinematic and with a voice as rich and resonant as the chimes of a church bell at midnight ‘Chop’ is full of melancholy confidence, lonely moonlit drives, and Death Row confessions.

‘Listening to MC5’ is a waltz in black, ‘I Was Born’ swaggers like a ghost town showdown and ‘The Ballad of Fu Manchu and the Red Bride’ is Venus in black furs singing songs to the siren.

There was a thread recently on the The Word site
“We just want one record that you came across this year that you have really grown to like and you suspect that hardly anybody else has heard” there was no doubt for me X marks the spot for the buried treasue that is dennishopperchoppers and ‘Chop’.

dennishopperchoppers – ‘The Ballad Of Fu Manchu and The Red Bride’

Dennishopperchoppers – ‘If I Lied’

Check out the DHC sites for album details and gig dates.
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The Wolfmen Go Wild After Dark

Posted in gigs, glam, live bands, Punk, The Wolfmen on November 19, 2007 by planetmondo

“Aaaaaooooowwww” that’s me last Wednesday after being left bitten and buzzing by The Wolfmen.

Formed by Marco Pirroni (guitarist and co-writer in Adam’s Ants ) and Chris Constantinou (bass playing ex Ant) I caught them strutting like roosters, and stomping like champs live and unleashed at the Islington Academy last week. Opening with a thundering cover of Eno’s ‘Needle in The Camel’s Eye’ The Wolfmen tore the place up with a snarling, snapping set of their own two fisted tunes and GlamGaragePunk all fired out with the vibe of vintage Roxy Music, and spirit of Johnny Thunders and Marc Bolan jamming down at Devil Gate Drive.

The Wolfmen’s songs Cecile, Jackie Says, While London Sleeps are all hugely infectious (spin them up below) and highlight why Adam Ant went from being the King of Indie clang with ‘Dirk’ to King of The Wild Frontier and the Prince Charming of Pop after hooking up with Marco as a songwriter. But there’s more to this Wolf pack than tattooed knuckled sugar Pop Punk , Two Eyes is all space age breakbeats and Bhangra anthems wrapped in screaming guitars, flutes and sitars with a lead vocal from Daler Mehndi (Daler was unable to make the gig unfortunately, having being detained for something dodgy) but the celebrity credit rating was still high with endorsement from gig attendees Pete Shelley,Simone Stenfors, and Radio One’s Bobby Friction all going wild for the Wolfmen.

If you like Rock that sparkles and Pop that wallops watch out for The Wolfmen in case they’re prowling and preening near you soon.

Get your teeth into these Rollerball rockers

The Wolfmen – Cecile

The Wolfmen – Jackie Says

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