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Funky Friday – A Crash Course For The Ravers

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“Your flashy clothes are your pride and joy ” David Bowie – The London Boys

Bowie, Bolan, Bryan Ferry, Eno (and Rod Stewart) all made the breakthough from cult undergrounders to interstellar superstars as variants on the star-spangled glitterkid theme. They may have had stars in/on their eyes, but those platform boots were firmly grounded in Mod roots. The look sharp and look ahead apprenticeship of Mod, with it’s made to measure mix of American soul and Italian style, Ivy League look meets British dandyism – and an eye for the detail and an ear for a tune, was probably why Bowie (and the other moonage mods mentioned) endured beyond the best-before date and lipstick-brickie chic of their patent leather peers.

The sixties scene was an era Bowie referenced from his earliest recordings (London Boys) and one of the motifs and influences that’s remained a constant throughout his peacock career – mentions of Lennon, Beatles and Stones on various singles. Twiggy and Jagger getting name checked on Aladdin Sane (along with a Stones cover), Pin Up’s set of swinging London standards and Young Americans (covering classics like ‘Knock On Wood’ and ‘Footstomping’ during live shows), and pitching in with ‘Pictures of Lily’ on The Who tribute album through to the slim-fit suit on ‘Reality’ being almost a homecoming to the Lord John look pictured above…

David Bowie and The Lower ThirdCan’t Help Thinking About Me

(There’s a clip of Bowie on his mod days, Steve Marriot and a 1999 version of ‘CHTAM’here)

David BowieIn The Heat Of The Morning – (BBC version)

(The Last Shadow Puppets made a healthy go of ‘INTHOTM’)

Davie Jones and the King Bees
Louie Louie Go Home

(LLGH was the B-side of Bowie’s first single “Liza Jane”)

Ziggy Stardust – The Mod Who Fell To Earth

A note on the tunes….and a Bowie Bonus

Can’t Help Thinking About Me (1965)

The first recording to feature the newly named David ‘Bowie’, and almost a blueprint of Bowieness the outsider lyrics and ambiguous angst of “my head’s bowed in shame” “blackened the family name” to the set piece template of semi-spoken verse and Bowie-bellow on the chorus, it’s a tune that wouldn’t seem out of place on any album since Scary Monsters.

In The Heat Of The Morning (1970)
For my earth pounds the BBC take of this tune is superior to the official album version, and benefits from being enhanced by the extra bounce of Alan Hawkshaw’s fantastically funky keyboard coda.

The Beatstalkers (touted as the Scottish Beatles), were under Ken Pitt’s management at the same time as Bowie (and also signed to Decca). They were offered first refusal on any unused Bowie compositions or offcuts, ‘Silver Tree Top School For Boys’ is one of these, and Bowie penned ‘Penny Lane-alike‘ from 1967.

The Beatstalkers (1967)- Silver Tree Top School For Boys

I am on something of a Bowie buzz lately (two Bo’ posts in two weeks) brought on by reading the Fantistico Dave Thompson book To Major Tom – a gem and a joy of a read if you’re into any type of music or movement from Bowie’s catchment era


Funky Friday – The Groover

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He ain’t no square, ‘without’ his corkscrew hair either – Marc Bolan joins John’s Children

Marc Bolan is the archetypal UK rock star – a pop pace setter always several stealthy steps and styles ahead of the rest of rock’s runners and riders, including an untimely death 31 years ago – early doors East End proto mod, pre-hippy days Tolkien folksy bloke, gone glam before all other gang bangers and one of the only old wavers inclusive of and included by the new wavers.So, how do you pop, skip and jump from Mod Bolan to Modfather? Like this…

John’s Children – Hot Rod Mama (BBC Session)

Which was covered by Marsha Hunt as…

Hot Rod Poppa

Which was sampled by Paul Weller for…

Always There To Fool You

Which is the instrumental version of…

There’s also a couple of more up to date, but down tempo T Rex pieces on the other side – including an interview with Marc Bolan just before he died.

Commercial Break

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I’m flat out and frazzled with work at the mo’, (what a cheek clogging up my blogging like that), so instead of my usual cyber-babble, here’s a few words from our sponsors…

The Who – Great Shakes Ad’

Left Banke – Coke Ad’

1966 Plymouth Baraccuda Ad’
Used as the intro to The Barracudas – Summer Fun

David Bowie in Lyons Maid ‘Luv’ Ice Cream ad’
He really is in there – just have a right good peep and you’ll see him!

Funky Friday – Scooter Tunes

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It’s a guest blogger day today, and Tall J from the Tall J Blog has picked and mixed a medley of Mod, Soul and French Funk for Scooter Mix Volume Two – aside from this mighty mix, J has also managed to track down one of my fave funk obscurities Willy Mitchell ‘That Driving Beat’ by way a of soul stomping comp, which is well worth grabbing and a vid’ well worth watching below. So, over to Tall J…

When I make a mix, my first priority is too make it fun. I want it to be something I would dance too. To quote the Junior Walker track I put in here, I want someone to hear this and say “Put on your wig woman, we’re goin’ out to shake and fingerpop.”

This one starts out with Gemini by Gunter Norris. Don’t know much about him, but it’s a great track and I thought the space theme was appropriate for a visit to Planet Mondo. From there on out it’s a mix of classics and hopefully a song or two you may not have heard before. The original version of this mix was a bunch of hopelessly obscure songs but in the end it didn’t flow right, didn’t feel right, and was just a real bore. I mean, there is a reason that a song like the Vandellas’ Nowhere to Run will always pack a dance floor, regardless of how many times it has been played before. So rather than just slap together a bunch of “nuggets”, I picked tracks for how they work together. I picked them for their beat. There’s no grand reason any of these songs are here. They are here because I really like these songs and for me, that’s reason enough.

I had a lot of fun making it. I’ve had a lot of fun listening to it. There’s some Northern Soul. There’s some YéYé. There’s some Mod Revival stuff. Hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everybody who hangs around Planet Mondo. Big thanks to PM for inviting me to do this.

Scooter Mix – Volume Two

Gemini-Gunter Noris
Same Old Song-The Four Tops
Baby Hit And Run-The Contours
Les Responsable-Jacques Dutronc
Shake and Fingerpop-Junior Walker and The Allstars
Air Travel-Chris Farlow
Let Your Heart Dance-Secret Affair
Sproston Green-Charlatans UK
I Can’t Explain-The Who
He Was Really Saying Something-The Velvelettes
Latin Skate-The Cheap Skates
Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour-Charlotte Leslie
Save It For Later-English Beat
Alexander-The Boots
Nowhere To Run-Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
Own Up Time-The Small Faces
I Love You Baby-Cindy Scott

Scooter Mix – Volume 1 (and a little extra )is available at Tall J’s always excellent blog.

Willy Mitchell ‘That Driving Beat’

Funky Friday – Lazy Sunday

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Well I’m off again next week – no plans as such, just a bit of buzzing about, hoofing around and putting the handbrake on so to speak. And, if the evenings heat up, I may even have a stretch out and sip to this ‘Lazy Sunday’ mix – a medley of modish, acid jazzy, lower tempo beats and bobs – hope you do to.

I’ve also reloaded the ‘Summer Sounds’ mix up on the other side if you fancy grabbing that.

See you soon pop pickers.

Lazy Sunday

Mother Earth – Jesse
Patricia Marx & 4Hero – Menino
Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
Little Barrie – Just Wanna Play
Paul Weller – Always There
Corduroy – Ponytail
The New Jersey Kings – Dream Waves
Beastie Boys – Ricky’s Theme
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Sunshine
Lloyd & Devon – Push Push
Pete Jolly – Plummer Park
Aim – Original Stuntmaster
DJ Z-Trip – 3rd Gear
Soundhog – A Day In Tracy’s Life

‘brilliant green’ photo by Chocolate Girl 64

Funky Friday – Aciiiiiiiiid Jazz

Posted in acid jazz, Funky Friday, mod, Soul on March 28, 2008 by planetmondo

Can you believe it’s over 20 years since Acid Jazz first dropped into circulation with its juicy loose grooves and scrapbook look of Carnaby Street chic, Caine flick cool and bohemian beards? Aside from AJ’s Anglomania retro referencing (beating Britpop to similar source material by several years) musically Acid Jazz seems to be a composite of these three elements ..

Early Santana – Latin shuffles with squealy and/or wah guitar

Jaco Pastorious – all Acid Jazz bass cadets had red hot handskills.

Robin’s Nest theme tune – a riff that Jamiroquai’s been riding and rewriting for his entire career.(Out of all the Acid Jazzers – why is HE the only one that’s endured? )

So what acid drops are we taste testing today?

Corduroy – (formerly known as those moonage mods – Boys Wonder more on that here) laying down some skinny trousered split screen funk – there really is some great editing on the ‘E Type’ vid. I’ve spotted ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Hawaii Five O’ – but I’m sure there’s more

Corduroy – Skirt Alert

Corduroy – E Type

Mother Earth
– headed up by Matt Deighton (Santana influence) and their ‘can’t believe it wasn’t a monster hit’ piece of perfect pop- ‘Jesse’. Mother Earth’s album ‘People Tree’ features Weller as a backing vocalist on ‘Mr Freedom’ which acted as the perfect framing device for Weller’s first (acid style) solo album and Modfather revival. Deigton later stood in for Noel Gallagher at the occasional Oasis gig.

Mother Earth – Jesse

The New Jersy Kings – (Robin’s Nest and Jaco influence) The James Taylor Quartet had been riffing on spy high soul for sometime, before bizarrely going into hiding as space age funkateers The New Jersey Kings when Acid Jazz kicked in.
New Jersy Kings – Dreamwaves

If you’re in the mood for more contempory Acid Jazz style sounds check out The Bongolian , who keeps his synthy sizzlers spiked with an acid flavouring..

Funky Friday – Before They Were Famous

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It’s a Mod Mod Mod world on Funky Friday this week, and a celebration of the first steps of all things swishy, swinging and sixties…In the red Mini – there’s a fistful of early doors appearances from proto popsters performing soul stompers here on Planet Mondo

In the white Mini – ‘Cool Britannia’ a bespoke ‘Funky Mod Mix’ – 45 minutes of 45s, rarities, obscurities and cinematic tracks is available for download by way of Fu Fu Stew

And in the blue Mini – a selection of blues boom guitar a go-go goodies and my big bang theory of rock are up for grabs in more guest blogging over on The Axe Victim

So the pre fame fruggery and funkiness comes in the form of light entertainers and lungbusters like…

David Essex – yes him from ‘Rock On’ ‘Tahiti’and ‘Nightclubbing’ getting all Northern Souly

David Essex – So-Called Loving.mp3

Elkie Brooks – yes her from ‘Pearl’s A Singer’ and ‘Lilac Wine’ sounding just like a proper Ronette.

Elkie Brooks – The Way You Do.mp3

And the atomic Tom Jones huffing, puffing and bellowing the house down on his first single ‘Chills and Fever’

‘Chills and Fever’ is part of the ‘‘Cool Britannia‘ mix (available at )Fu Fu Stew which continues the ‘Before They Were Famous’ theme, with appearances from Quincy Jones, Lulu, Tony Newman (later working with Bolan and Bowie), Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker as the rhythm section of The Graham Bond Organisation.

Here’s the full menu and a two minute taste test

Michael Caine on Swinging London
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Cool Britannia
The Small Faces – Grow Your Own
Georgie Fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder
Graham Bond Organisation – Long Tall Shorty
Tom Jones – Chills And Fever
Loose Ends – Taxman
Bo Street Runners – Drive My Car
Lulu – Feelin’ Alright
Jack Bruce – The Ministry Of Bag
Shotgun Express – Curtains
The Shadows – Scotch On The Socks
The Kinks – Brainwashed
Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time
Lord Sitar – I Can See For Miles
The Who – Heatwave
Zoot Money – Uncle Willie
Tony Newman – Let The Good Times Roll
Keith Mansfield – Young Scene (Theme from The Big Match)
The Italian Job -Getta Bloomin’ Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)

So get on over and fill your Chelsea boots with ‘Cool Britannia’

Jude Rodgers also has some sixties glossy pop amazingness from a very young Gloria Hunniford