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Standing In The English Rain

Posted in 60's, perfect pop, Pop Goes The Summer, The Beatles on August 19, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m on something of a Beatles buzz at the mo’ – The White Album, Love and a self compiled CD being the most played albums on our recent Cotswolds run. The Fab’s catalogue is something I occasionally drift away from distracted by other old stuff, odd stuff and new stuff but will always loop back to The Beatles at some point.

So what a result then, while bumbling around Broadway last week swerving the squall, to find that sixties scene snapper Tom Murray was in town to talk and chat about his set of previously unseen photos from the Beatles 1968 ‘Mad Day Out’ (now being sold as limited run of signed prints), well we had to hoof along and lend an ear didn’t we? You can see all 23 shots here – which look stunning blown up and framed (I bought ‘Coming Apart’ shown below) – but why just 23? Tom only got a last minute invite from Don McCullin (the centrefold photo on the Red and Blue greatest hits albums is one of Don’s ‘Mad Day Out’ shots) to join a ‘pop group’ photo shoot, but wasn’t told which ‘pop group’ – so only grabbed one camera and two rolls of film.

So, how about a barometric anthem for this summer – which ironically never popped into play on last week’s roll around the Cotswolds. ‘Rain’ seems to be the tipping point as the Fabs go from loveable moptops to furry freak beaters. Points to check out are..

Maccas chipped tooth and puffy lip (the result of Scooter accident while on his hol’s – and a reason for his ‘Pepper’ period ‘tache).

John’s pre sanded down sunburst Epiphone.

The absolute dead sync drum and bass particularly after the two minute mark

‘Rain’ promo video

The Beatles ‘Rain’

There’s also an recorded for the Ed Sullivan show here

‘Coming Apart’ – taken at Old Street Station – July 27th 1968


Summer Sounds – Limited Edition Mix

Posted in disco, latin, mini mix, Pop Goes The Summer, Summer sounds on July 26, 2008 by planetmondo

Phew what a blooming scorcher.
I’m sneaking my ‘Summer Sounds Like This’ Mix up for a limited run. It’s a bit more Balearic than the usual Mondomania – but never mind the Balearics, it just seems simpatico in this crazy heat.

*offline*Summer Sounds Like This*offine*

Variety Lab – London In The Rain
Big Muff – My Funny Valentine
Physics – Leaving Monte Carlo
Scubba (featuring Moana) – Fool To Cry
Rouge Rouge – L’amour
Ohm G & Bruno – One
Grandadbob – Hide Me (Al Usher Dance Mix)
The Streamers – Zwing Ting
311 Porter – Surround Me With Your Love (Mental Overdrive Mix)
Stigmato Inc. – Reality Check
Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love
Patricia Marx and 4 Hero – Menino
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band – L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K
Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – Think Twice
Parov Stelar – Kiss Me Twice
Nouvelle Vague – Dancing With Myself
Pink Martini – Sympathique

Sunflower photo by Chocolate Girl 64

Twinned With……

Posted in I though you'd be huge I was wrong, perfect pop, Pop Goes The Summer, Summer sounds on July 21, 2008 by planetmondo

Here’s a twinset of sunny delights and summer smashers that never were.

Jimmy Webb’s boys (Christiaan, Justin and James) clearly inherited their ol’ dad’s fine ear for a melody and his talent for tunesmithery.

The Webb Brothers – Summer People

Summer People

Ding Dong! Avon calling (to the faraway towns). All the way from Devizes The Davey Brothers pollinated big beaty rock with sweet tooth pop to make this high energy hybrid – now if only I could find that pesky vid’ for ‘She’s So Fine’.

The Davey Brothers – Sunshine Day

Sunshine Day

Our town of sunny Southend is twinned with Sopot, a very dandy riviera affair, offering several accommodation options ‘hotels, motels and campings‘ and a sprinkling of swinging ‘Disco Clubs‘ for leg shakings, including the temptingly named ‘Galaxy‘, ‘Viva‘ and ‘Derby‘ (eh?)

Pop Goes The Summer

Posted in new music, perfect pop, Pop Goes The Summer, retromania, Summer sounds on July 14, 2008 by planetmondo

The Good News
My Indiana Jones ‘Raiders of the Lost Archives’ quest to gather up golden nuggets, summer sweeties and snap crackle and pop tunes, has led me to possibly the hookiest band heard since Jellyfish – The Sonic Executive Sessions “Just 3 mates using some studio downtime to share their love for all things easy on the ear” is how they describe themselves – peddling peachy treats and marshmallow melters drizzled with hypnotic harmonies is how I’d describe them

The Bad News
There’s no record deal, Sonic Exec’s CDs or downloads available ( except for a cover of ‘Hello’ on the Jellyfish tribute album ‘Sensory Lullabies’)

The Happy Ending
But, being the thoroughly pleasant bunch of chaps they are, TSES have made one their tunes available for streaming right here – ’17 (over you)’, which spins and whips a pick ‘n’ mix blend of Beach Boys, Jellyfish, Ben Folds and late 70s singer songwriters like Andrew Gould and Gerard Kenny into a candyfloss confection of all things pop shaped and bubblegum coloured. Even good ol’ Willy Wonka couldn’t create treats as sweet as these.

The Sonic Executive Sessions ’17 (over you)’

I’d also recommend taste testing ‘Make Do’ featuring Alessi over at The Sonic Executive Sessions MySpace site.

The Sonic Executive Sessions ‘Hello’
TSES’s cover of unreleased an Jellyfish tune, recorded for ‘Sensory Lullabies’

The Quinn Martin Style Epilogue
I’ve been lending an ear to the Beach Boys ‘Holland’ and ‘Sunflower’ as suggested – ‘Sunflower’ is nosing ahead at the moment – mainly because of the ol’ blab and jabber on ‘Mount Vernon and Fairway’!

Hello Sailor

Posted in 70's, perfect pop, Pop Goes The Summer, retromania, Summer sounds on July 1, 2008 by planetmondo

I’ve developed a something of sweet tooth for sugar puff summer pop over the last couple of weeks (I’m not alone though, Claire Woo‘ and Five Centres have both had similar cravings) , I can trace mine back to the source when a cosy local BBC radio station played ‘Sail On Sailor‘ as part of a 1973 chart rundown (‘S.O.S’ got to number 37) – and that was it – the tune was anchored in my head, repeat played several times on the bounce and has left me high, dry and buzzing for candy floss pop ever since.

Now, I’ve got a complete blind spot for the Beach Boys, I know ‘Pet Sounds’ is regularly pegged as a classic (not that I’ve heard it), but otherwise I couldn’t tell you the blue flag beauty spots from the red flag danger zones in their back catalogue.

Wherever this tune sits in the ready reckoner of rock – guilty pleasure or buried treasure – ‘Sail On Sailor’ is a drifty dreamy honey coloured mellow belter, perfect for a summer soundtrack..

Beach Boys – ‘Sail On Sailor’

Ray Charles and the Beach Boys – ‘Sail On Sailor’

Buzzing Off

Posted in I though you'd be huge I was wrong, perfect pop, Pop Goes The Summer, Remixes, Summer sounds on June 23, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m out and about for a few days – but while I’m on the hoof – riddle me this pop pickers? Why was this cheeky piece of pop perfectness only a mini blip and not a monster hit?

Mint Royale (with Lauren Laverne) ‘Don’t Falter’

Mint Royale (with Lauren Laverne)- ‘Don’t Falter’

Back Friday playmates.

PS – if anyones’s got a copy of the Mint Royale remix below (Frank Sinatra ‘This Town’) – could you do a bloke a flavour and knock me a copy? I’m buzzing for it.