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An Offbeat Interlude

Posted in Cover Versions, Dads Army, Elvis Presley, reggae, Remixes on November 24, 2008 by planetmondo

Can you believe it – the busiest day ever on the blog last Friday with double the daily hit rate and it’s all down to Brenda Lee! Of all the tunes and tracks posted and popped on the blog it’s Brenda’s ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ that got picked up by Hype Machine sending a stackload of extra traffic this way. Typically it’s the Torero Brass Band and this Bardot picture that draws in the drifters and anonobods – so following on from the Brenda’s (is anyone called Brenda anymore?) WAMIMS cover here’s a Bob Andy’s reggae flavoured rework and as bonus Billy Childish’s moonstomping version of the Dads Army theme which you may have seen on some recent TV ads

Bob Andy – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler


Charabanc Skank

Posted in Funky Friday, jackie mittoo, reggae, Remake Remodel, retromania on September 19, 2008 by planetmondo

Oh dear, works getting in the way again – so this weeks FF may be short on text but hopefully tall on tunes – anyway it gives me a great excuse to post one of the finest pieces of youtubery I’ve ever found.

‘A trip to the lights’- a homemade work of genius that’s spliced together from the hits and highlights of Beardfreaks1969’s dear old grandad’s cine films – retromatic footage of coach outings, Piccadilly trips and vintage tear ups have been reworked into a 3 minute masterpiece soundtracked with Jackie Mitoo’s ‘Juice Box’.

It’s worth noting the volume of frown free faces in the film. I really don’t think you’d get that today.

‘A trip to the lights’

Plus a double barrel from Mr Mittoo

Juice Box

Get Up and Get It

And a little snifter of something in memory of Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright..

Easy Star All-Stars – The Great Gig In the Sky

Funky Friday – Lazy Sunday

Posted in acid jazz, Funky Friday, mini mix, mod, reggae on August 22, 2008 by planetmondo

Well I’m off again next week – no plans as such, just a bit of buzzing about, hoofing around and putting the handbrake on so to speak. And, if the evenings heat up, I may even have a stretch out and sip to this ‘Lazy Sunday’ mix – a medley of modish, acid jazzy, lower tempo beats and bobs – hope you do to.

I’ve also reloaded the ‘Summer Sounds’ mix up on the other side if you fancy grabbing that.

See you soon pop pickers.

Lazy Sunday

Mother Earth – Jesse
Patricia Marx & 4Hero – Menino
Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
Little Barrie – Just Wanna Play
Paul Weller – Always There
Corduroy – Ponytail
The New Jersey Kings – Dream Waves
Beastie Boys – Ricky’s Theme
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Sunshine
Lloyd & Devon – Push Push
Pete Jolly – Plummer Park
Aim – Original Stuntmaster
DJ Z-Trip – 3rd Gear
Soundhog – A Day In Tracy’s Life

‘brilliant green’ photo by Chocolate Girl 64

Double Top

Posted in Bootleg remixes, GHP, mash up, reggae, soundhog on May 14, 2008 by planetmondo

As I may have mentioned before – I am a terror for a bootleg remix…

So here are a couple of cut and paste cuties both formed from the same Caribbean cloth – using ‘Double Barrel’ as a musical bed and backdrop, with kittenish girl group vocals smoldering center stage.

McKay – Take Me Over

Soundhog – Double Freak

Think of this as a warm up for Funky Friday – which has an extra special guest this week.

Funky Friday – Animal Crackers

Posted in bernard purdie, billy preston, Funk, Funky Friday, northern soul, reggae on May 8, 2008 by planetmondo

Is it possible to build an audio ark, a musical menagerie, a funky farm, a zound zoo..

*goes on like this for several hours*

of animals celebrated in soul stompsters and sizzlers?

Well, for starters, here’s a few beauties and beasties racing straight out of the traps…

If you only have the chance to check out one of these tunes Please. Please. Please check out the ‘Funky Chicken’ nugget, not just for the most eye blinding explosion of spectacular clobber ever seen at any single event.

But also the collective display of shaking, strutting and group frugging – it’s like Heronymous Bosch flash mobbing..

Rufus Thomas – The Funky Chicken (from Wattstax)

Billy Preston – The Octopus

Los Gatos Negros – Hey Hey Bunny

Syko and The Caribs – Do The Dog

Bernard Purdie – Funky Donkey

Rufus Thomas – Walking The Dog

Mellow Monday – Jackie Mittoo

Posted in jackie mittoo, mellow monday, reggae, Remake Remodel on April 28, 2008 by planetmondo

Mellow – but on the bright side of blue, and just the thing for a blazing hangover

For all we Know

Alone Again Naturally


Followed by a ‘hair of the dog’ down at the Rovers

corrie (not Jackie Mittoo)

There’s some uptown uptempo Jackie Mittoo here

And as a late addition here JM’s downtempo dub version of…..

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Re-make/Re-model Pt 2 – Norma White – I Want Your Love

Posted in Cover Versions, disco, reggae, Remake Remodel, studio one on March 12, 2008 by planetmondo

I Don’t know much about Norma White and The Brentford Disco Set, but I do know that their politely plodding reggae rework of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ is a joy and a gem. It’s so good I’m giving you both versions.

Norma White and The Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love.mp3

Norma White and The Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love (version).mp3

(Version) in reggae speak is usually the instrumental backing track with extra echo and added dubby squeaks and bleeps.

It’s not uncommon on 12″ versions of reggae releases say …six minutes long, for the first three minutes to be the vocal version, followed by a slight but audiable click, where the (version) version has been spliced on to take up the final three minutes.