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Eno’s Best

Posted in 70's, Brian Eno, glam, new wave, roxy music on March 5, 2008 by planetmondo

Eno is a genuine genius we all knows that – but because of his colossal catalogue of influence and output, Eno’s fizzy inventiveness as a lyricist is often overlooked. Weighty, worthy and well crafted wordplay is all well and good (Andy Partridge and Ian Dury being two personal faves) but it takes a unique skill to join the dots in a rhyming dictionary with lyrical skits that scan, bubble and bounce like a Gilbert and Sullivan set piece.

‘Seven Deadly Finns’ is a single only release from 1974, with a guitar solo that that sounds like a prototype for Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’
There’s a great piece on ‘Seven Deadly Finns’ here

Seven Deadly Finns.mp3

‘RAF’ the flip side to ‘King’s Lead Hat’, (an anagram of Talking Heads) was co written and stars Judy Nylon – one of the cover girls on the ‘Seven Deadly Finns’ picture sleeve.
Yikes it’s like a Möbius strip!

King’s Lead Hat.mp3

Selected lyrical highlights?

‘Seven Deadly Finns’
The “work it out like Norbert Weiner” backing vocal

‘Kings Lead Hat’
“The biology of purpose keeps my nose above the surface”

If you’re in the mood for some shiny new electrickery – why not lend an ear to the brand new band and synth fiddlers Baltic Fleet , whose ‘3 Dollar Dress’ is a robot rocker



Posted in 70's, books, glam, perfect pop, rock, roxy music on February 27, 2008 by planetmondo

Inspired by completing this today (where Ferry gets much more of a roasting than is strictly necessary) and tuning into this from Mick over at Raiding The Vinyl Archive – I’m on a right ol’ Roxy buzz.

So how about the overlooked and underplayed great ‘ lost‘ single ‘Pyjamarama’ – apparantley the band never rated it and even Eno claimed ‘ Do The Strand’ should have been released instead. Nonsense I say! ‘Pyjamarama’ is perfect pop – all fizz and glitter, like Motown gone glam, and conforms to Paul Morley’s theory that all pop songs are truly great if…

“you can imagine them being sung by Elvis”.

Roxy Music – Pyjamarama.mp3

And a Roxy refresher (like anyone who’s read this far needs it!!)

How great they were…

Roxy Music – ‘Ladytron'(1973)

And still are….

Roxy Music – ‘Remake/Remodel'(2001)

B Side Babies Pt 2 – Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (original version)

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1977 may have been the year the world turned dayglo – but 1978 was the year the world went Disco – Rod stewart, the Rolling Stones and Blondie all got caught with a dose of the Disco fever. Bowie, as always had been years ahead of his peers and got the funk out of his system with Young Americans.

Uncharacteristically when Roxy Music released Manifesto in 1979 they seem to have been caught on the back foot rather than the good foot with the let’s go Disco phonomenon and gave the movement a complete swerve on their album of the moment. The version of Angel Eyes on the early pressings Of Manifesto is an almost textbook Roxy rocker that maintains a cool cocktail gloss while giving a nod to the New Wave movement. All Sax, drums and Rock n Roll it’s a world apart from the commercially successful and commonly available Angel Eyes rework which is all high hats and handclaps, and seems to highlight that Disco had almost as much punch as Punk.

Roxy Music – Angel Eyes(original version)

As bonus I’m also including a rare remix of Virginia Plain – the Headman EDT remix made for a rewired and remixed Roxy project which never materialised and has never been commercially released

Roxy Music – Virgina Plain (Headman Remix)

If you’re in the mood for even more Roxy why not have a peep at my review of the Roxy Music debut album here