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Funky Friday – The Ghost Of Christmas Past

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This fantastico bespoke hand-made illustration was kindly created by Paul McDonald of Odd Sock Illustration

I don’t know about you, but while I was sprouting up during the seventies, Christmas in our house was a typically traditional ritual that followed a similar tinsel-plated template from year to year.

The same medley of decorations were randomly scattered about the tree mixing classic seventies pieces – felt baubles in orange or pink, super-modern amber plastic hoops filled with some sort of shiny sci-fi tape loops that dangled alongside retro-deco’s from the fifties – cough-candy style twisted aluminium strips (purple or red on one side, silver on the other), real glass baubles and Japanese lanterns. All finished of with Woolworths candyfloss-type-fibreglass to add some soft-focus embellishment to the lights.

The Martini (red) and the drinks cabinet would be cracked open on Nan’s arrival, and when it came to lunch, stalagmite style red candles, the candlebra and  ‘special cutlery’ from an embossed box had their annual day trip to the table. Which, was typically centred around a Christmas cake wrapped in fancy band of gold foil and frilled red paper, with, perhaps a snow scene on the icing.

If you’re wondering what in the name of Jacob Marley is the point of this winterland ramble? Well, it’s that, the cosy essence of Christmas was the familiar similarity of the occasion. And, in much the same that way we’d fire up this Frank album while Martini’s were a’pouring – I feel it could become,perhaps a seasonal tradition, to repost my homemade winter mixture created for Christmas last year….

A Mondo Funky Mixmas

Marc Bolan – Christmas Message
Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa
Keith Mansfield – Snowman Stomp
Jingle Bells – Booker T and the MG’s
Ramsey Lewis Trio – Here Comes Santa Claus
Oscar Peterson – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Stu Hamm – Sleigh Ride
Up With the People – Jingle Bell Beat
Anita Kerr Singers – Jingle bell rock
Soulfoul singers – Santa Claus is coming to town
Soulful Strings – Sleigh Ride
Edwin Starr – Snowflake Boogie
The Rhodes Kids – Winter Wonderland


March Of The Mods

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m in a thoroughly Mod mood at the moment – inspired by doing a guest blog spot on Axe Victim’s rocking blog – where I make the strong statement that the roots of almost all modern rock can be traced back to the sixties mod movement ( with tunes and tracks to illustrate the point) And having compiled a fourty five minute Funky Mod Mix for Fu Fu Stew – which should be live and online soon.

In the meantime here are a couple of tracks that catch the mood of swinging London and Mod mania.

Georgie Fame – You Can’t Sit Down.mp3
If they do ever invent a time machine – this gig is straight where I’m headed

London Jazz – Things We Said Today.mp3
Sessionistas go jazz samba on this Fab Four cover

Funky Friday – Queen Of Soul

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2008 by planetmondo

I really haven’t got anywhere near as much Aretha as I should – so any tip offs, starting points and must have recommendations would be welcome.

‘I Say A Little Prayer’
This has to be the most beltingest version of the Bacharach/David classic – where other readings drift dreamily along, Aretha’s sensual celebratery take swishes, swoops, swings and has me bending at the knee and bulging at the eye everytime. Absolutely stunning – Listen out for the Gospel style ‘call and response’ touches on the “forever and ever” section

Magic moments are…

The spiralling “do” – 1:31
The bellowing “EVER, YEAH ” – 1:46
The soaring “one” 2:10

‘I Say A Little Prayer’ was recorded for Aretha’s appearance on the Tom Jones Show ( the highlights of Tom’s sixties shows are available on DVD), where Tom and Aretha also tuck into a couple of dynamic duets and put the needles in the red with their super seismic lungbusting.

Tom Jones and Aretha Franklin – ‘See Saw’

And finally a few nuggets…

Aretha Franklin – You Keep Me Hanging On (outtake)

Since You’ve Been Gone.mp3

An extra special salute goes out to Vince at Fufu Stew for this track..

Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket (Make It For The Door.mp3

Blue Monday – Johnny Adams

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Had a hard week and a heavy weekend? Overdone the sipping and stodging?
Don’t worry Johnny Adams is here with his soaraway Soul to soothe those jangled nerves.

Johnny Adams – Reconsider Me.mp3

Electro And Retro At Blow Up Metro

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4, 2008 by planetmondo

What a tip top night at Blow Up on Saturday..

The mighty Baltic Fleet – with their walloping wall of synth sounds – like Bowie’s ‘Berlin’ period meets Boards of Canada pumped on Red Bull.

The shiny new Silvery and those infectious high octane hurdy-gurdy anthems.

The funktastic Bongolian dishing up non stop grooveadelic delights.

And ….I even got to spin a few winners between the bands. Marvellous.
A couple of the tracks I was hoping to fire up, never quite made it – so here they are now.

I’d had ‘Hard Luck (Again’) lined up in my head to play but because of a momentary memory meltdown thought it was called ‘Billy’s Third’ and fired that up by mistake. Whoops.

The Undertones – Hard Luck (Again).mp3

And this little winner was lined up for later, but it turned out to be too scratched to play. Ooops.
Albert King – Cookin’ Catfish.mp3

Umm the above link seems to be dead – probably worn out from being downloaded 7500 times – so here’s a working one

Silvery Sparklers

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2008 by planetmondo

Hurrah for Silvery. I first picked up on them over at Pileys place (he’s got a tip top Pickwick/Top of the Pops records feature running at the moment too).

Silvery are everything you hope for in a new band. They’re young. They like people I like – Bowie, Sparks, XTC. They’ve got smart jackets and even smarter tunes with all the clang and spangle you could want and they’re playing this Saturday at Blow Up Metro on a double bill with The Bongolian (one of my fave albums of last year). I’ll certainly be there raising a glass and shaking a leg. But until then have a peep at their new single ‘Horrors’, released as a double A side with ‘Orders’ – it’s my single of the year already, and we’re not even out of January yet.

Silvery – Horrors

Silvery – Orders(Demo)

PS – If you’re at the Silvery/Bongolian gig and see a chap in polka dot cravat – do come and say hello. It’ll be me.

There’s Good Rocking

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7, 2008 by planetmondo

Hurrah for the 8th of January. “Why the 8th of January?” they chorused.
It’s the birthday Of Elvis Presley and David Bowie of course. But as well as sharing the same date of birth there are several other Elvis/Bowie connections, here are 8 of them….

1) Bowie is quoted as saying “Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something.”

2) Both had tragedies with their brothers – Elvis’ twin Jesse, died at childbirth. Bowie’s half-brother Terry, was a schizophrenic who committed suicide in 1985.

3) They were both comic book fans – Elvis’s hair and capes were inspired by Captain Marvel, and both used a ‘Shazam’ style lighting strike symbol – Elvis for the ‘Taking care of Business’ logo, Bowie for Aladdin Sane.

4) Bowie’s manager Tony DeFries styled himself as a 1970s Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis’s notorious cigar smoking Manager) a factor in Bowie signing to RCA also Elvis’s label, and the DeFries Mainman Management logo being designed to look a cigar band.

5) The Kubrick Link – Elvis’s seventies shows started with “Also Sprach Zarathustra” from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. During the Ziggy period Bowie used the ‘Clockwork Orange’ version of Beethoven’s ‘Ninth Symphony’ for his intro’ music.

6) Apparently Bowie wrote Golden Years for Elvis but recorded it himself after Presley turned it down.

7) The 1972 Thailand reissue of ‘Space Oddity’ featured as Elvis’s ‘Fool’ as the B-side.

8) They’ve both recorded Beatles covers which are still in the vaults;

Elvis – Lady Madonna ( with Elvis seemingly ‘effing and jeffing’ around the ‘make ends meet’ line).

Bowie – Penny Lane (with an extremely flaky accent on ‘customer’).

And as if by magic….

Elvis Presley – Lady Madonna.mp3

David Bowie – Penny Lane.mp3