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Funky Friday – The Joy Of Six

Posted in Funky Friday, guest blogger, rock n roll, rockadoodledoo, vive le rock on July 17, 2008 by planetmondo

It’s guest blogger time again, and here’s a first – a Mr and Mrs post!
That snappy couple Devil Dick from The Devils Music (Psych Rock, Stoner Funk and Garage Goodies)and Jenn from Eye Eat Music (Punky nuggets, Hippy treats and Rocking Beats), have hand picked six – yes SIX rock-a-doodle dandies to fill your boogie boots, so over to that ol’ Devil called Dick …

We’d both like to thank Planet Mondo for having us do this little guest post over here at his world famous Mondo Atomic Blog!!! This is as it looks a HIS and HERS Collaboration for Your Funky Friday. Please Enjoy

Ladies first and she’s giving you some Doo-Wop…

The Dells – “I want to Go Home”: Boy Group Harmonizers of the 50’s. Doo-Wop Born in a Chicago Burbs High School . Cut released late 1956.
The Dells – “I want to Go Home”

The Eternals –“Rocking in the Jungle”: Bronx Doo-Wop Groups 1st 45’ release originally titled “Christmas in the Jungle” which wasn’t working out so well since the holiday was over 8 months away. Careful where you step, you may cross a lion in your travels with this tune.
The Eternals –“Rocking in the Jungle”

The Coasters – “Sorry Gonna Have to Pass”: Storytelling R&B Vocal Group of the late 50s. They were outside the box when it came to Mainstream Doo-Wop, many would try to imitating their style in later years. But they are the Kings of weaving vocals around a story.
The Coasters – “Sorry Gonna Have to Pass”

The Devil’s part of the show is 3 choice, little instrumental nuggets!

Jon Thomas – “Fat Back”: A nice little soulful instrumental R&B number with plenty of Killer organ and sax from1957
Jon Thomas – “Fat Back”

The Craftsmen – “Rock Along”: A kooky little rockin’ surf type instrumental from -1961: Plenty of crazy organ and twangy guitars a-go-go!!!
The Craftsmen – “Rock Along”

The Dartells – “Dartell Stomp”: Another Great Rockin’ Instrumental this time from 1963! More killer organ work, pumping bass and a driving drum beat and break that doesn’t quit!
The Dartells – “Dartell Stomp”

If these 6 little ditties don’t put a smile on your face this fine Friday then I don’t know what will!!!

Now you you’ve filled your groovy boots here – why not pop on over to The Devils Music and Eye Eat Music for a bellyful of sizzling and scorching sounds


Midweek boogaloo – Angelic Upstarts

Posted in rockadoodledoo, vive le rock on April 30, 2008 by planetmondo

I was sixteen (and into punk) when I first picked up a guitar.

After three months of struggling with reefknot fingers, chords and calluses over songs like ‘She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountains’ and ‘Blow The Man Down’- my ‘Satellite’ Strat-a-like guitar got shelved..

So what to do with these underage overachievers – give them a clap, or a clip round the ear?

Frank “Sugarchile” Robinson – Caldonia

Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Blueberry Hill

And for all out fun size fretboard meltdown it’s Thomas McRocklin

Midweek Boogaloo – Amos Milburn

Posted in rock n roll, rockadoodledoo, vive le rock on April 16, 2008 by planetmondo

The first in an occasional series documenting tunes, tracks and clips that swish, swing and have a rythm section that thumps, bumps and bounces like those pesky picnic grabbing ants from Tom and Jerry.

How snappy would it be to walk up to some dusty ol’ pub piano, crack your knuckles and hammer out the honky tonk like this….

Amos Milburn – Down The Road Apiece

‘Down The Road Apiece’ was reworked some years later by the Stones, who really don’t make a bad shout of it – hear here.

And for all out rockingness….

Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Boogie